I think if I knew what it was like to be genuinely happy at least 65 percent of the time, I wouldn’t try so hard to find it.  The moments where I am truly happy are moments that I savor like a piece of chocolate I have been saving.  I let it sink in and I purposely ignore everyone around me so that they can’t ruin it.  Sort of as if I were stoned.

Today I had a happy moment, and it was silly, but I loved it and I knew I had to write it down.  It was during a football game.  Adrian Peterson ran 65 yards to the endzone pushing people out of his way like they were air-filled dummies.  I mean he literally turned around while running and pushed this guys face away from him and at that moment my heart skipped a beat and I think I had a lady boner.  Such an accomplished football player who stars in ridiculous commercials that showcase his amazing pectoral muscles and furious agility.   I stood with my right fist raised, and a surprisingly painful handslap to my dad with my left. The smile on his face let me know that he liked watching the game with me.  My son was sound asleep in his bed, safe and warm and probably dreaming about eating spaghetti. I fell into my couch and clapped. My dad yelled “AP ALL DAY!”.  I laughed.  That play and the few seconds following it made me happy.

I know, it’s kind of stupid.  But at this point, if it’s a play in a football game that makes me happy, then so be it.  I’ll take it any way it comes.


3 responses to “Happy.

  1. What, exactly, would a Lady Boner look like?

  2. chris the hoosiergirl

    The road to being happy, TRULY happy, is paved with little moments like that and the ability to recognize them. Savor away 🙂

  3. Happiness in the small stuff is a good thing…that came out much more Martha Stewart than intended.

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