Why do the kids that live in my apartment complex have to run around outside and scream like they are getting murdered?  From the time they get home from school until 12:30-1:00 am (because hey, who cares that my kid is outside running amuck, at least I know he’s here!  I can tell by his screech.) they yell and scream and litter the entire premises with their nasty selves.  These screams, these high-pitched, throat ripping screams make me want to go out to my balcony and scream back at them.  Id scream something like “SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I’LL SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU LITTLE BASTARDS.”

These are the same kids who swim around in the pool with cheetos and candy bars in hand.  The same kids who bring out their baby sibling to the pool and let them sit on the pool steps UNATTENDED with their swimmiesDIAPERS on.  The same kids who run through the hallways and knock on everyone’s door as if they were the police coming to inform us all that the aliens have landed and are here to ass rape us and steal our wallets.  The same kids who spit loogys on the steps. 

WHHHHYYYYY do these people I live next to suck so bad?  WHY!?


One response to “Why?

  1. I’m evil, but I’d call the cops on them. Noise, neglect, whatever they can get the parent for – at the very least they’d know someone didn’t like it.

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