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NFL Picks. Week 11.

Picks are bold.

BYES: None




BANG! You’re dead.

Sometimes I’ll have dreams that scare the living, loving piss out of me.  I’ll wake up in a dramatic fashion, breathing heavily and searching desperately for my cigarettes or the half full vodka bottle hidden under my bed.  I especially hate the ones where you’re running from something, but now matter how hard you pump your legs, you still run in slow motion.  Then you’re all “OH HOLY FUCKING SHIT, WHY DO MY LEGS SUCK ASS?”

Last night I had a dream that still has me feeling terrible and weird and every time I think about it, I need a cigarette.  I remember every detail of the dream too, and I think that’s half the reason why I feel weird about it.  Like it actually happened.

It started out with me in the parking lot of a huge court house smoking a joint.  I was very panicky and my heart was beating a mile a minute.  I knew, in my dream, that some one had hurt my son.  I don’t know if they had killed him, or if he was just hurt though.  I finish my joint and I started towards the court house. I blew past the security guards and busted into the court room.

I look around and see my family, crying on the benches, holding each other and staring at me.  They looked so frightened.  My ex father-in-law sat back, smiled and said “Passion, Georgette.” I walked towards this man with dark hair who was standing in front of the judge.  In my dream, I knew it was the man who hurt my son.  I pulled a pistol from the back of my pants and I shot him in the temple. 

That is when I woke up.  It was horrible, and unbelievably scary.  But at the same time, it’s something I would do.  I’ve always done my best to protect my son.  Lately, however, since the beginning of James and I splitting, I’ve had these feelings come to me more strongly.  I’ve been a super freak about things.  I make him 3 course meals with only fresh veggies and meat that has not been frozen, I get up in the middle of the night to go to his room and watch him sleep, I even carry him in the grocery store. (holy heavy kid, bat man!)

Maybe this is normal, maybe it isn’t.  But I am NOT liking these intense dreams.  Not at fucking all.


Why do the kids that live in my apartment complex have to run around outside and scream like they are getting murdered?  From the time they get home from school until 12:30-1:00 am (because hey, who cares that my kid is outside running amuck, at least I know he’s here!  I can tell by his screech.) they yell and scream and litter the entire premises with their nasty selves.  These screams, these high-pitched, throat ripping screams make me want to go out to my balcony and scream back at them.  Id scream something like “SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I’LL SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU LITTLE BASTARDS.”

These are the same kids who swim around in the pool with cheetos and candy bars in hand.  The same kids who bring out their baby sibling to the pool and let them sit on the pool steps UNATTENDED with their swimmiesDIAPERS on.  The same kids who run through the hallways and knock on everyone’s door as if they were the police coming to inform us all that the aliens have landed and are here to ass rape us and steal our wallets.  The same kids who spit loogys on the steps. 

WHHHHYYYYY do these people I live next to suck so bad?  WHY!?

Aunt Flo arrived in a dramitcally late fashion, and I don’t think I’ve ever bought a box of tampons with such excitement before.  Don’t get me wrong, more kids are in the future, Id just like to “enjoy” repairing my marriage first.  Or whatever.

And honestly? I’m enjoying the little ball of handsome I like to call Big Pimpin’.

Holy crap.

You know what’s not cool?  Indecisiveness.  You know whose indecisive?  Me.

I don’t know what it is, but I can never make a decision and stick with it.  NEVER.  NEVER EVER.  And it’s not like I am talking about which outfit I am going to wear to work today, I am talking about my marriage.  Yup, my marriage.  The one that has been on the fritz for two years.  I’m starting to think that maybe it was once on the fritz, but it no longer is and it’s all just made up in my head.  Id like to answer my own questions, because I do seem to always have the answer… but I’m pretty sure the lack of a college degree disqualifies me from solving my problems myself.

I love him.  Always have and always will.  I think my problem is, is that sometimes I don’t want to.  Honestly?  I wouldn’t even be worrying about this shit, but I am.  Why? 

My period is late.

Why you should not drink with me.

There are certain levels of drunk.  Usually, there are three; tipsy, drunk, and fucked up.  Some may argue that the last one,  fucked up, is the worst. I happen to disagree.  See, when you get so drunk that you lose sight of everything and eventually pass out, you have an excuse to all of the ridiculous things that may have happened that night… You were just 3 sheets to the wind.  You reached the point of no return, and when you hit that milestone, the only way you are able to stop is when you have passed out with or without your clothes on.

The second level, just plain drunk, is the worst. That’s where you are drunk enough to do incredibly ridiculous things, but you still slightly know what you are doing and you remember most all of it the next day.  There is no excuse.  Just because you thought it was a good idea at the time isn’t an excuse.  It seems every time I’m drunk, there is always a point in the night when I think to myself  “I know I shouldn’t be doing this shit.  But I am.  I am going to be pretty embarrassed tomorrow. And I’m okay with that.”  AND THAT’S WHERE WE FUCK UP.  That last sentence.  “And I’m okay with that.”  And this is what happened on last Friday night for my 21st birthday. 

I went to Bourbon street with my dad and my husband.  Probably the worst two people you could go out with.  My dad doesn’t drink and he’s just an all around awkward person.  James, he’s an awful drunk, sad and pitiful and often angry.  And then there is me.  I’m a happy drunk, down for anything, but also very loyal to the sober ones who will be taking care of me… in this case, my dad.

Funny enough, we ended up in the Funky 544, which I so proudly chose to showcase in my header when I started this blog.  So that I do not go into detail(just because it was that horrible.), I will just make a list of events that happened. 

  • James and I order handgrenades.  They used to put a dent in me, but now that I am a seasoned liquor consumer, they really just taste like an extremely fruity juice.
  • I drink a Jack and Coke in less than 6 minutes.  James drinks 4 beers in less than 3 minutes.
  • I take two shots of tequila.  James takes two also.  My dad orders himself a coca-cola.
  • We’re chilling listening to a jazzy-frazzy band.  James drops beer bottle. It shatters.  James runs away.
  • I take a shot out of a very busty womans cleavage.  In front of my dad.
  • Same woman forces a shot tube into my dads britches and takes the shot.  My dad still had to pay for it.  I watch in horror.
  • I get over previous bullet.
  • Police call my dad with James’ cell.  He’s sleeping in the road. I die laughing.  Dad gets nervous.
  • Some guy who looks like he just got out of chemistry for geniuses orders me a gin and juice.
  • After ordering, I mention that I’m married.
  • I still drink the gin and juice.
  • My dad pulls me out the bar because we had to go find James EVEN THOUGH I WAS GETTING FREE DRINKS FROM MATH NERDS.
  • I see a man sleeping on the sidewalk with no shoes and suggest to my dad that he give him his shoes.
  • Dad rejects suggestion.
  • I apologize to the sleeping man.
  • We walk past the church in Jackson Square. 
  • I kiss the church and praise Jesus.
  • I perform a sobriety test for my dad after I beg him to pretend to be a cop.
  • We can’t find James.
  • I wake up in my bed at 9:30 the next morning to my son asking me for spaghetti.

Never. Again.


I think if I knew what it was like to be genuinely happy at least 65 percent of the time, I wouldn’t try so hard to find it.  The moments where I am truly happy are moments that I savor like a piece of chocolate I have been saving.  I let it sink in and I purposely ignore everyone around me so that they can’t ruin it.  Sort of as if I were stoned.

Today I had a happy moment, and it was silly, but I loved it and I knew I had to write it down.  It was during a football game.  Adrian Peterson ran 65 yards to the endzone pushing people out of his way like they were air-filled dummies.  I mean he literally turned around while running and pushed this guys face away from him and at that moment my heart skipped a beat and I think I had a lady boner.  Such an accomplished football player who stars in ridiculous commercials that showcase his amazing pectoral muscles and furious agility.   I stood with my right fist raised, and a surprisingly painful handslap to my dad with my left. The smile on his face let me know that he liked watching the game with me.  My son was sound asleep in his bed, safe and warm and probably dreaming about eating spaghetti. I fell into my couch and clapped. My dad yelled “AP ALL DAY!”.  I laughed.  That play and the few seconds following it made me happy.

I know, it’s kind of stupid.  But at this point, if it’s a play in a football game that makes me happy, then so be it.  I’ll take it any way it comes.